1. Burning for the longleaf pine on the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center along the Ichawaynochaway Creek in southwest Georgia. | March 2014 

    More information on Prescribed Fire Education at the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center.

  2. More active head fire during yesterday’s prescribed fire, the fire is being carried by the pine needles and the dead grass with some low winds pushing it. 

  3. Fire backing through longleaf pine needles on a prescribed fire at the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Center.  I am down helping teach prescribed fire to 16 University of Georgia students during their spring break, the course is called Marchmester and is a great opportunity for Forestry and Wildlife students at the university.

  4. Burning in Longleaf country

  5. Burn out prep | Galice, OR August 2013

  6. Skidgine, Big Windy Complex | Galice, OR August 2013

  7. Fire camp under the stars | Merlin, OR August 2013

  8. Inversion sets in on the Big Windy fire outside of Galice, OR.  August 2013.

  9. Old fire photo of the day:Looking through old photos for a picture of an old coworker that has taken a new job I ran into this photo of me in front of a torching juniper on a prescribed fire on Steens Mountain in 1999, my first season in fire. 

  10. Jason Travis came by this morning to shoot some photos & video. Here’s my gear after he lined it up & shot it. When he finishes this project I will post a link.

    To see some of his previous work that is similar click here.