1. Fire backing through longleaf pine needles on a prescribed fire at the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Center.  I am down helping teach prescribed fire to 16 University of Georgia students during their spring break, the course is called Marchmester and is a great opportunity for Forestry and Wildlife students at the university.

  2. Burning in Longleaf country

  3. Took a walk tonight, down to the Ichawaynochaway Creek here at the J. W. Jones Center.

  4. Fantastic Photos of Chechen Culture From a Young Phenom | A light beam shines on an Afghan woman as she bakes bread in the border town of Ishkashim, Afghanistan. More than 12,000 people live in the 220-mile corridor, a series of broad valleys and high-altitude plateaus carved by the Panj River Diana Markosian | WIRED.com

  5. Apparently the ice decided to follow me down from West Virginia, here’s Atlanta’s latest ice storm. ¬†February 2014.

  6. Survived the ice storm along the Potomac River.

  7. Sunset over Atlanta January 2014

  8. thelifeofm:

    Playing around with a possible #Florida edit for my site.

    Just happy to be a “part” of the Florida experience!

  9. Breakfast before it’s sent through the juicer. Atlanta, GA | January 2014

  10. Trains/tracks | Columbia, SC | January 2014