1. Burning for the longleaf pine on the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center along the Ichawaynochaway Creek in southwest Georgia. | March 2014 

    More information on Prescribed Fire Education at the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Research Center.

  2. More active head fire during yesterday’s prescribed fire, the fire is being carried by the pine needles and the dead grass with some low winds pushing it.¬†

  3. Fire backing through longleaf pine needles on a prescribed fire at the Joseph W. Jones Ecological Center.  I am down helping teach prescribed fire to 16 University of Georgia students during their spring break, the course is called Marchmester and is a great opportunity for Forestry and Wildlife students at the university.

  4. Burning in Longleaf country

  5. Took a walk tonight, down to the Ichawaynochaway Creek here at the J. W. Jones Center.

  6. Fantastic Photos of Chechen Culture From a Young Phenom | A light beam shines on an Afghan woman as she bakes bread in the border town of Ishkashim, Afghanistan. More than 12,000 people live in the 220-mile corridor, a series of broad valleys and high-altitude plateaus carved by the Panj River Diana Markosian | WIRED.com

  7. Apparently the ice decided to follow me down from West Virginia, here’s Atlanta’s latest ice storm. ¬†February 2014.

  8. Survived the ice storm along the Potomac River.

  9. Sunset over Atlanta January 2014

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